The CD
All music has been carefully adapted to allow maximum participation. Tunes have been slowed and the running time for each track has been kept short.  All music has been adjusted to project energy and strong dance rhythms.  

The Syllabus
The syllabus has two sections. The first section provides program instructions and the second, the dance directions. Directions include both the original standing and the modified seated versions of each dance. Teaching cue words and, where relevant, suggestions for supplemental adaptations have been included in the seated dance directions.

	The DVD has been designed to enable you to learn the seated dances before working with your group using the CD. 
The DVD shows each seated dance 
	1) Being called with no music
	2) Being called with music 
	3) The group doing the dance once through. 

Contents of Kit 1:  Dance of Greeting (warm up), La Raspa  (Mexican), St. Bernard’s Waltz, Irish Jig ,  Cotton Eyed Joe ( country/western), German Clapping Dance , Jiffy  Mixer (jazz.), Doudlebska Polka, Good Night  Sweetheart , Bridge of Avignon, Malhao (Latin style),  Twelfth Street Rag (charleston), Hukilau (Hawaiian) 

Contents of  Kit 2: Rig a Jig Mixer (warm up) The Chicken Dance ,Chimes of Dunkirk , Oslo Waltz,  Klappdans, Alley Cat (jazz.), Polly Wolly Doodle , Highland Schottische , Tarantella (can use tambourines) ,  Chestnut Tree, How Do You do My Partner (creative moves), New Rye  Waltz , Carousel (uses ribbons), Maple Leaf Stomp (country/western),  Good old Days(charleston) 

Contents of kit 3: Tante Hesse, A You’re Adorable, Ten Step Jesse Polka, Somethin’ Stupid Cha Cha, Sailor’s Hornpipe, Hoop Dee Doo Polka, Gold and Silver Waltz, O Susana, Boston Two-step, Old Grey Mare, Do Wah Diddy Diddy (hand jive), Waltz Quadrille, Shim Sham Shimmy (swing dance), Skater’s Waltz, Silver Bells, 
Facilitator Kits Each kit contains a    CD, instructional DVD and syllabus.